Our activities

Our largest division is the specialist thermoplastic extrusion business COBA Plastics, which has a successful heritage supplying automotive parts and other products for over 50 years. Alongside COBA Plastics, COBA Automotive and COBA SPK extend the reach into Europe and its many car plants. In support of these businesses we have a specialist engineering division based in the UK, COBA Precision. In our 50th year COBA acquired a local injection-moulding specialist that has become COBA Plastics Moulding. Not only does CPM expand COBA’s skills and capabilities yet again, it expands our footprint in the automotive sector.

Hose and tube manufacturer Copely Developments was acquired by COBA in 2010. Sharing a similar lifespan with COBA, Copely also introduced another set of skills and capabilities, that not only enhanced the group’s culture, but its standing in the manufacturing engine of the Midlands.

Copely manufactures the ground-breaking ‘unstoppable garden hose’ Everflow® amongst many other lines.

COBA Europe and COBA Africa are the brands behind the group’s range of floor level safety and entrance matting products. The manufacture of matting started as an offshoot of the extrusion process. Material was weaved together to create a more flexible version of duckboard, used in industry to give workers comfort from hard floors and reduce slips. Today these divisions are a leading voice in the world of standing safety; a subject more prevalent now than ever.

Our skilled and motivated people, our world-class facilities and our state-of-the-art technologies are pivotal to our success.


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