Health Safety Policy

The COBA group of companies has a strong regard for ensuring that all elements of work activities take place in a safe and secure manner.

Our activities will be designed and managed to ensure prevention of injury and ill health. We also believe in communicating a positive message regarding all elements of health and general wellbeing through the consultation and participation of our workers.

As such we will strive to build in as many health, safety and environmental factors to our day to day business, and at the same time ensure that we comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

We will provide safe and modern equipment for all work activities and will provide relevant training for all of our employees in order that they meet their obligations to work in a safe and structured manner.

Our processes, equipment and integrated management systems will fall under a framework of review and objectives leading to continuous improvement.

Regular routine inspections and audits will be carried out to ensure ongoing compliance to the Health and Safety Management Guidelines (HSG65) and ISO 45001.

Ethics Escalation

COBA strongly believes that all employees are responsible for protecting our long standing culture of integrity. Potential violations are a serious matter.

We expect and encourage our whole workforce to speak up and let us know about any suspected violations of our ethics policies.

The organisation does not tolerate any forms of retaliation against anyone for raising good faith questions or concerns.

Reports of possible violations of any of our ethical policies will be investigated and all employees are expected to fully co-operate with investigations conducted by the company.

Proven violations of any ethics policies are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

No corruption and bribery

COBA will prevent and fight all forms of corruption, bribery, extortion and improper advantage, and comply with all applicable laws pertaining to these issues. We do not tolerate and we actively oppose corruption and bribery in our businesses.

We will not directly or indirectly, offer, promise, give, demand or accept any bribe or other undue advantage, to customers, public officials or other private or public actors, with the intention to obtain or retain business or any other improper advantage.

Compulsory compliance to COBA no corruption and bribery is mandatory for all employees. Promotion of awareness to the anti-corruption and bribery policy throughout the group of COBA businesses is carried out to implement our no corruption principles.

COBA expects and demands that all of our suppliers shall follow these socially responsible principles and ethics.


Environmentally at COBA, we focus our sustainability efforts on improvements that matter, to make the most meaningful impact we can.

COBA will integrate health, safety and environmental factors into our day-to-day and strategic business decisions.

The company will comply with all relevant legislation and will commit to continual improvement activities in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.

COBA will involve management, stakeholders and will take account of the views of the public (where appropriate), in the identification of potential environmental impacts of our processes.

COBA will manage its resources to save energy, reduce waste, promote recycling and prevent pollution to the environment.

Slavery and human trafficking statement

As far as reasonably practicable the COBA International group of companies has carried out due diligence and established that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of our operations or within our supply chain.

The senior management and procurement personnel throughout the COBA Group take the responsibility of ensuring compliance to a legal, sustainable and ethical supply chain and will not under any circumstance tolerate any form of slavery and human trafficking within its business operations or via any stakeholder.

COBA has established compliance through supplier audits, questionnaires, adherence to recognised quality management systems such as ISO 9001 and compliance to relevant local, national and international law.

Responsible and mature procurement processes are established and the most salient risks for slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain have been evaluated and assessed.

Any known violations or instances of slavery or human trafficking shall be reported by a member of the senior management team to the necessary authorities under UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Reporting Framework.

This statement is valid for 2021.


Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.