We do more than just listen

Dedicated to the organisation of social activities in and out of work. The Social Events Team is responsible for every aspect of the planning of social events, large corporate events, down to individual team bonding activities. The team’s role is to inject as much fun and excitement into the work/life balance at COBA as possible.

The Social Events team is a collective of volunteer representatives from around the business, who meet every month to discuss ideas for bringing events to the employees at COBA, and ensuring they run smoothly and in most cases, raise as much money for charity as possible.

Social Events Team Mission

To listen to the employees of the business and introduce positive ideas that provide a happy working atmosphere and increase employee engagement. Our focus is to provide enjoyable, fun, and fulfilling activities to improve the well-being of the employees as well as support local and national charities.

Charitable giving

SET is also responsible for nominating the charities each year that COBA actively support.

The nominated charity for 2017 is Cancer Research UK.

So far we have raised over £1000