Morgan Kerridge

Morgan was raised in a single-parent family and faced many hardships whilst growing up. She managed to overcome these obstacles to eventually study at DeMontfort University, before joining COBA as an Apprentice.

After gaining a Masters in Photography, Morgan fell into Audio Visual engineering work, before realising that it was the health and safety, regulations, and science behind it all that really took her interest. Morgan joined COBA on an apprenticeship scheme that let her explore these areas of interest, in addition to electrical engineering and programming.

Morgan hopes to become fully trained and proficient in electrics and other aspects of the maintenance role, eventually taking over management, should the opportunity arise.

So far, my time at COBA has been life changing. I came into the job in December after a family loss and the people I work with have brightened my life. My managers are all very nice, and I have found a lot of self confidence working on the shop floor.

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