Vision Statement

COBA’s vision is to be a caring organisation
striving to achieve better results, year on year.


COBA is a privately funded group, and our primary activity is the manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic products.

We blend investment programs in all business activities, using modern equipment and systems with dedicated and highly competent people in all areas.

Partnering with our employees, customers and suppliers, we strive towards achieving world class leadership in Quality, Engineering, Design, Delivery, Service and Management.

We aim to achieve the lowest cost possible for our customers through never ending development and improvement.

We do everything we can to ensure the continued health of our employees and customers.

We act responsibly in relation to the environment and will work towards the principles of sustainability.


What we stand for

The COBA Group agreed upon its current set of values after consultation with all of its employees in 2018. These four pillars are each linked to a letter in the name COBA.

Our Values

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